Time to move on!

It has been my pleasure to support the gold community with thousands of domain years over the past few years, but the time has come to move on. In this case, the choice is to move on to security services.

Registrant Rights and Responsibilities

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Replacement of DNS.vanrein.org

Please lock my domain!

Why stop?

I like to innovate. Domain names were rather new, especially at the sharp prices I could provide when I started this service. On the current market however, many providers can offer this service, and there is no more room for technical invention.

In addition to this, the administrative obligations under the Dutch/EU system of VAT is a burden that causes incredible overhead. Living up to customer's expectations has never been a problem, but living up to the tax office's administrative requirements was a small nightmare.

Example of a newer innovation by me

Example of an advanced technical innovation

Read my VAT horror story but not just before you go to sleep

What next?

Now that domain names are commonground services, the time has come to move on to services that require more of my expertise. After all, I hold MSc and PhD degrees in computer science. The new developments that we will be chasing under the flag of OpenFortress are security-related.

This means that we will continue to provide you with server-side certificates, but also self-spun client side certificates for optimal security when accessing online service, as well as authentication solutions based on hardware tokens.

As a matter of fact, OpenFortress is looking for partners to act as local resellers for these new initiatives, notably for Login tokens and applications of cryptographic hardware and software. Please contact us if you feel this might be a line of business for you to pursue.

Information for resellers

Server certificates brought to you by an expert in the field

Login token -- client authenticator product in search for local salesmen

Single sign-on -- use SSH with an USB-device for secure login, looking for distribution channels

Contact us

Where to go?

A smooth transition has been arranged with WontonGold, a division of GoldBarter Holdings. I believe they will be able to provide the same quality level that you have gotten accustomed to. I will help them get their DNS service up and running as a last service to my earlier customers.

The new service is here

In effect, your next one-year renewal is replaced by a one-time transfer. The only difference being that you have to acknowledge a domain transfer once over email. You will not be charged anything for the transfer, you only pay for an additional registration year.

Who is this?

The DNS.vanrein.org service has been manned by Rick van Rein -- and I'm certainly not gone. I will continue to be active in the gold community, and keep it in mind when selling certificates and other security products through OpenFortress Digital signatures.

I think I can be of much more value to you all doing something more specialised and refreshing, and leave the domain business to others on the market.

Contact Rick at OpenFortress

Contact your new DNS provider WontonGold

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