Please lock my domain!

We are receiving disturbed calls from (former) domain customers regarding locks on their domain. This is in response to a recent change in the rules for domain transfers. Please read this if you are worried.

The rules for transferring domains between registrars have recently been tightened; a registrar who declines the loosing side of a transfer must supply a good reason to do so. In the old system, just any whimsical reason would do.

Since OpenSRS never blocked transfers for any but the proper reasons, this does not compromise the protection on the ownership of your domains in any way. The transfer rules are actually tightened, not loosened. Before your domain transfers away from your current account, you must still acknowledge it explicitly.

A way to disable a domain transfer altogether is to place a lock on it. OpenSRS registrants such as and are able to do so, and have been for years. People who read about the transfer policies learn about this feature and suddenly see a need for it. But when the need wasn't obvious in the past, then it isn't obvious in the present.

Since is phasing out its domain business, it will not add any new locks on domains held. The goal is to have all domains transfer out at their own pace, and any form of forcing domains out or blocking domains on their way out contradicts with proper customer treatment -- it is trouble enough for customers to change to WontonGold.

If you feel a sudden urge for locking your previously unlocked domain, and insist after reading this, you are invited to arrange it elsewhere ---we know that WontonGold at least supports it--- after you transfer to them.

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